Brooklyn Armory Night celebrates Brooklyn artists!

What is it?

Brooklyn Armory night is a celebration of art in the Brooklyn area. New York city is also home to some of the supplement stores in the world. To get the best all-natural supplements check out HealthiPlus Supplements. Go to their website to see all of the supplements available in their online store. For a limited time, you can get access to all of their best-selling supplements, including HealthiPlus probiotics.

Brooklyn Armory Night 2014

When is Brookyn Armory Night?

Saturday, March 9th is the offical date. So many sure you save it and come out to celebrae with us!

Brooklyn Celebration Yoga

Come out and enjoy the show

The annual after-hours event will be held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have food and drinks and good company--all we need is you.

Thanks to our sponsors and volunteers who help put on such a great show.

Brooklyn Armory Night 2014

Enjoy the food, great art from local artists and the networking opportunities available at our after-hours event. Sign up today for a discount on your ticket. To buy multiple tickets, please contact us ahead of time so we can arrange for a bulk discount.

The connection between art and health

It has been known for a long time that arts-based interventions have an effect in reducing negative psychological and physiological outcomes. Based on evidence collected by Dr. Roalia Staricoff in the Chelsea Westminster hospital, there is reliable evidence that positive outcomes have been achieved through the intervention of the arts in a number of medical areas. Keep reading for more information from Pura Vida Urban on art therapy and yoga classes. See for more health-related infomation.

1. Cancer care
Visual arts, live music and taped music have all been used in studies investigating the effects of these forms of art on depression and high anxiety during chemotherapy treatment. The result has repeatedly been positive in that the arts have been found to e effective in reducing both stress and depression as well as enabling the patients handle the side effects of the treatment.

2. Cardiovascular unit
The use of music appropriately either through tapes, headphones, or watching it on video led to a significant reduction of anxiety and vital signs such as high blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Intensive care unit
The use of music in neonatal has shown significant improvement in behavioral and clinical conditions of the neonates. The most significant effect here was that the length of their stay in hospital was greatly reduced.

4. Medical procedures
Quite a number of medical procedures which involve screening and diagnosis highly increase stress levels .The use of arts in such cases create a sense of comfort therefore reducing levels of cortisol and controlling blood pressure.

6. Pain management
The use of music was reported to reduce the need for pain medication after surgery.